Brand Stategist vs. Brand Designer - What's The Difference?

Questions being answering today:

  • What’s the difference between brand strategy and brand design?
  • Why is brand strategy important?
  • Can I have a brand design without a strategy?
  • What is branding?

What is brand strategy?

The purpose of brand strategy is to plan out what is going to get you to have more user engagement and sales. Some aspects of the brand that are decided in the brand strategy phase are your positioning in the market, who your ideal customer is, and what is going to attract them.

What is brand design?

The brand design is what the customer sees. This is going to be anything tangible, the graphics, and the text. Because this was carefully thought out in the brand strategy phase, you are able to reach your target market, they understand your message, and your goals are in sight.

Building a brand identity requires a strong foundation in strategy and proper execution through design. When your customer base sees your logo, website, or a message from your company, they should be able to understand who you are, what you do, and why you do it. When your content all runs through the same vein, it is easier for you, as a company, to connect with your customer base and have a clear understanding of what they react well to.

When you combine brand strategy and brand design, you get branding. Branding is the result of your customers’ experience. Whether they are interacting with your staff or website, there should be a familiar theme and message. The core values that were outlined in the brand strategy should be expressed in everything that is presented to the customer.


  • What’s the difference between brand strategy and brand design?
    • Brand Strategy – The goals and “who, what, why” of your company
    • Brand Design – The vehicles (website, logo, brochure, etc.) that will get you to your goals and communicate the 3 W’s to customers
  • Why is brand strategy important?
    • Without a game plan, are you really ready to play? 
  • Can I have a brand design without a strategy?
    • Yes, you can, but you may find yourself “rebranding” often because there is no structure (strategy).
  • What is branding?
    • How customers perceive you based on the information you have provided them at different touch points

I challenge you to question yourself: What are your core values and are they reflected throughout your brand? 

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