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Branding + Website

Spring Gate Apothecary is blending essential oils for those who prefer wholistic healing. To keep a nature-inspired theme, neutral colors, circles, and rounded edges were used throughout the website.

Large text and clear images promote an informed user as they understand exactly what this company offers.

Custom luxury website design for an Essential Oil company by Marque Brand Management

Branding + Website

Jade Studio is an interior design company targeting new home owners wanting a bold, yet classy feel for their new space.

The art direction for this branding and website design project honors the timeless Art Deco interior design style while keeping it neutral for a modern and clean look. Being an interior design studio, imagery throughout the website is important as every visitor will be inspired to work with Jade Studio.

Branding + Website + Collateral

The Schools at Children’s Tree House is a private preschool that wanted to provide a space online for educating parents about their services. With a focus on growing young minds, neutral colors and greenery were used throughout the website to create a nurturing feeling.

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