What Makes a Brand Trustworthy?

As we become increasingly aware of the world around us, we pay more attention to what we consume and the companies we consume from. The next generations are spending more time than ever doing actual research on the people behind the screen. Who are  they? What do they stand for? Do they care about me? Yes, customers want to know if out of your many customers, do you care about them? As a brand, it should be built into your brand strategy on how you plan to connect and build a community with your customers. When a community is formed, customers are more likely to come back to and refer you because they trust you. 

Creating a community of your own is possible through a few of the tips outlined below. These tips will help position your brand as a trustworthy and honest brand that customers can feel comfortable and confident consuming.

Humanize Your Brand

Don’t be afraid to engage with your audience and make your brand relatable; just like with any person you trust, you have a solid relationship. Your audience wants to develop a relationship with you that shows you are listening, understand what they need, and are there to help. 

Responding to comments on social media is a great way to do this! Whether you are answering questions, or simply showing gratitude, your audience will appreciate the extra effort that is being taken to ensure their overall experience with your brand is a good one. 

Be Transparent

I am not saying to share every single detail about your business with your audience, but it does help to know your story, values, and even struggles. In such a curated world, it’s refreshing when a brand feels “real.” Show them what goes on behind the scenes to create the brand they know and love!

You can be transparent by telling your customers how you got started and why you chose this specific industry and/or them as the target market. Explain your values, why they are important, and the actions you have taken, as a company, based on these values. Remember when I suggested being relatable? This applies here! Everyone makes mistakes, but when you share with others what you learned from those mistakes and how they can avoid the same mistakes, how can they not trust you?

Work with Alike Brands

Have you ever heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together?” This is exactly what I mean. By being open about the partners and suppliers that you work with, you are showing your audience that you are just as thorough as they are in selecting who you consume from.

If you are just starting out, not only will this build credibility for the values you claim to have, but it is a quick way to build trust. For example, if your best friend recommends you try a certain dish, you won’t question it because you trust their taste. Likewise, if you have a similar audience to a trustworthy brand, people are willing to give you a shot if they see their favorite brands recommend you.


  • How do I create a trustworthy brand?
    • Humanize your brand – Engage and be relatable! Let your audience get to know you
    • Be transparent – Be honest about who you are – tell your story and share your values
    • Work with alike brands – If your “core values” are actually your core values, the companies you partner with should have similar values
  • Why is brand trust important?
    • When your audience trusts you, a community is formed. When a community is formed, customers are more likely to come back to and refer you because they trust you.

I challenge you to question yourself: How are you creating a trustworthy brand?

Kaitlyn Cole