Apps I Use Everyday as a Small Business Owner & Brand Strategist

As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it can be when you are just starting out and are not sure how to organize everything. Over time, I’ve tried various apps and programs and have brought you my favorites! The apps listed below, I truly use every single day and they make life a little easier. From planning to execution, these apps are essential for every small business. 



Canva is a free, online tool that helps you create amazing graphics for your business. I use Canva for many of my social media posts as the pre-sized templates for Instagram posts and stories take out the guess work when it comes to making sure my pictures are the right size. Canva is great for anyone wanting to D.I.Y. their marketing materials.

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If you are in need of a project management system to help you keep track of everything and their due dates, Asana may be your perfect match! I use Asana for project management as the dashboard is minimal and clean allowing me to see all of my active projects.

Asana also makes it super easy to work in large teams as you can easily see what each team member is working on and can hand-off tasks as needed.

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Hello Bonsai

The pros and cons of a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) varies from business to business, but Hello Bonsai is amazing for small businesses of all types. I chose Hello Bonsai over other CRM softwares because it allows me to keep all of my proposals, contracts, and invoices in one secure place. Hello Bonsai also has an app so you can refer to your CRM on the go!

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Notion is like a unicorn tool, it can do anything you want it to do. Since it can be so powerful, I will just tell you how I use it! I use Notion as part 2 of my CRM system. Hello Bonsai is great for the highly technical items, but not super great for taking notes. Notion is essentially my notebook – it is where I keep to-do lists and client notes.

There is a slight learning curve to this one, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a CRM, project manager, content calendar, and the list goes on! If you need your day-to-day business operations in one place, Notion is a great option.

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Planoly I don’t use everyday, but that’s the point! Being active on Instagram is important if you are wanting to grow your audience on social media. So what I do, is once I’ve created an amazing graphic on Canva, I upload it to Planoly and schedule it to post automatically. This is my fail-proof way to posting on Instagram (@marque.brands) everyday!

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Adobe XD

Adobe XD is my favorite tool for wire-framing and creating mockups of websites. It is a lot easier and quicker to edit than building a website out completely and have to go in and make changes until the design is perfected. This software makes brainstorming fun as I can quickly make a visual of what I’m thinking.

Check out Adobe XD

Color Name & ColorPick Eyedropper

Do you ever see a color in person and you just know that it’s your new favorite color? Color Name is an app that allows you to take or upload a picture of the item that is wearing your favorite color and get the HEX code to use all over your branding. 

Colorpick Eyedropper is a Google Chrome extension that also allows you to find the HEX code of the colors you love, except it’s all online!

Kaitlyn Cole

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